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Speaking of Reds

May 1, 2013

A mating pair of Northern Cardinals have followed me South to the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina and set up home in the Ligustrum next to my front door.  Awaiting the arrival and hatching of the eggs is a welcome distraction from the House special election scheduled later this month pitting Republican, Argentina visiting, Appalachian Trail hiking, trespassing Mark Sanford (sorry, I could not resist that link) against Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

Hell freezes over!  I will be voting Democratic for the first time in decades.

Not that Colbert-Bush is my kind of economist.  One of her television ads features her saying’ “the deficit is killing jobs.”  See the preceding post for the impacts of European Social Democratic austerity.  I would have thought she would have been reading Paul Krugman rather than listening to Reinhart and Rogoff.   None of those are necessarily my kind of economist either.

On the other hand, former Representative and Governor Sanford invoked Bill Clinton as an example of voter forgiveness.  To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen 1988 quip to Dan Quayle, “Governor, you are no Bill Clinton.”

Hopefully, it will be fledglings flying soon.


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