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On Topic Archive: 2013

Web Site Development in France

July 29, 2013

I am afraid to post this link on my site for fear my website developers will see it and send me an amended invoice: €410,000 for the development of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s charitable foundation website!  Better still, it was paid through a grant from the French government.  Here is the link to the site.  Draw your own conclusion as to the value of the “investment.”  Caution, I had difficulties with the site using my Chrome browser (do not click for the “English” site version).

Tesco more fun than Gristedes in summer heat

July 19, 2013

It  is not just the Northeast US that is suffering from oppressive heat this summer; the UK is also experiencing a heat wave.  Seeking refuge in the grocery store is an option and it is definitely more interesting in the UK if this article is to be believed.

Bizzzz! Slap!

July 16, 2013

Your grandmother told you that “Mosquitos like you because you’re so sweet.”  Your spouse, “Because you’re so mean.”  Not exactly; try washing with antibacterial soap.  It your bacterial flora.

Twinkies are back!

July 16, 2013

Twinkies are back and your curator is feeling even better about his shelf life extension.  It is good old American know-how this time.

Speaking of Language Purity

July 2, 2013

Angela Merkel’s use of an Anglicism to describe a public outcry has the German language purists in an uproar.  This sheißkopf prefers sheißstrum (three consecutive “s” when you do not use German alphabet). Then again, I haven’t been back to Germany in the 40 plus years since I lived there.  Plus, obscenities in a foreign language seem less objectionable.