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About is a “curated” website providing links to other external websites on the topic of bank and financial institution regulation, compliance and governance.  It is intended to provide a source of referral for readers interested in these topics.

The curator is William M. Ginn.  Bill is a semi-retired banker with over 40 years experience in investment and commercial banking.

The site also provides links to other, “off the topic” articles that Bill hopes you may enjoy.

A recent New York Times crossword puzzle clue was “blog purpose.”  The answer was “soapbox.”  You will find some of that here as well in the Journal section of the site.

Please provide any questions, comments, criticisms and suggestions by clicking on the envelope at the top of the home page.  If you are interested in receiving a periodic updates on the site and its content, please subscribe.  Want to contribute editorial content or provide a public comment, contact me by email.